About Me

Hey y’all, my name is Savannah Childress! I currently live in Greenville, SC (previously from a very small town) and have loved adapting to the “big city” (lol) lifestyle.  I am a licensed aesthetician & currently work as an Assistant Buyer at an adorable boutique while still figuring out my career path! I love traveling, trying new local restaurants, and all things fashion & beauty. I love finding a good bargain, whether it be from department stores, specialty boutiques, places like TJ Maxx, Ross, & Homegoods, or even second hand stores.

A little more about myself; I am obsessed with the beautiful city of Charleston, SC. You’ll hear me mention it many times as I am just so inspired by the beauty, culture, & history of this amazing city. I hope to reside in this oasis in the future, but until then I’ll just daydream about it. 😉 You may wondering what in the world a “haint” is, well in technical terms, it is a ghost. But since I am most definitely not a ghost, i am loosely interpreting “haint” to mean a restless spirit; a description I feel perfectly embodies me. If you’ve ever visited Charleston I’m sure you’ve noticed the blue-tinged painted ceilings of porches. Well, this is known as haint blue & was used back in the day to deter spirits, bad juju, & even pesky mosquitoes. Being dainty & fashion obsessed, I knew I wanted my blog to be focused on helping other small women find great style inspiration, thus the Dainty Haint was created. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions!